AMPRNet IP Coordination Germany

The German AMPRNet IP-Coordination is a working group which has been elected by the Community of all German Radioamateurs. It works in a kind of „AMPRNet National IP Registry (ANIR)“ for the german parts of the worldwide TCP/IP-network for Radio-Amateurs, also called NET-44 or AMPRNet. DL-IP-Coordination Germany is supported by regional IP-Coordinators in a kind of „AMPRNet Regional IP Registry (ARIR)“. In many german sub-regions these guys are the responsible persons for any questions, problems and requests from Radioamateurs out of those sub-regions concerning participation in the NET-44. ARIRs can manage their submitted IP-ressources independantly within the region they are responsible for.

DL-IP-Coordination Germany develops and maintains some essential Services for the German part of the AMPRNet:

  • Assigning AS-numbers (BGP-routing) for the german HAMNET in conciliation with adjacent European Countries
  • Maintaining of a WHOIS-server for the HamRadio-services for purpose of internal documentation and information
  • Assigning of IP-networks to the AS-numbers in the German HAMNET and registering those entries in „“
  • Assigning of IP-addresses in the old networks and registering them in the „“ domain
  • Organizing and maintaining a german-wide concept of regional zones within the „“ domain
  • Maintaining 3 main DNS-servers (DNS-Hubs)(Duisburg, Dresden, Nürnberg)
  • Developing and submitting software for synchronization and plugging regional DNS-servers to the national DNS-hubs
  • Developing and maintaining automatic updates to the wordlwide DNS-servers for the domain „
  • Developing and submitting of publications about technical realisation of IP-coordination in Germany
  • Holding presentations about technical solutions for coordination of ip-networks during meetings and exhibitions
  • Supporting the regional coordinators and local admins
  • Planing and realization of innovative concepts
  • Tight cooperation with the maintainers of the international non-profit-domain
  • Providing/maintaining one of the authoritative DNS-servers for the worldwide AMPR.ORG net (Berlin/Individual Network e.V.)